Monday, August 28, 2006

Levels of Influence

David Armano shares his view of bloggers and the influence they have.

From the post:

"Rather then view bloggers as "micro celebrities" with an "A list" etc. I view bloggers as influencers not just in pop culture as celebrities often do but as influencers in somewhat specialized areas. It could be technology, art, marketing, design, PR, advertising, business, parenthood—or multiple combinations of these areas with cross overs.

The bigger point that I want to make is that bloggers at each level command a “sphere of influence”. The higher the “level”, the more people are exposed to a blogger’s influence. The degree of influence is mainly related to the quantity (and quality) of the blogs and sites that link back to them.

What’s interesting about this is that in a way, it does represent a “human pyramid”. As much as the social media network acts as a great equalizer—you can only influence as many people as you have access to."



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