Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CNET in Second Life

Another big company moves into Second Life. This one was produced by Millionsofus.


"Located on the sim belonging to virtual-world services company Millions of Us, which built out the site, there’s a nice building modeled loosely after CNet’s San Francisco offices, complete with an amphiteater where CNet reporters can do interviews, give talks and stream media. Terdiman himself will do a regular series of interviews in the space, and give talks about recent stories he’s written. The site marks the first of what should prove to be several entrants from among the tech media that are planning to enter SL on a long-term basis."

Eric Rice, Q&A between Millionsofus CEO Reuben Steiger and Daniel Terdiman of CNET:

"RS: It’s been our experience that all these projects start with an internal evangelist — perhaps you can tell folks what it was that you said that convinced your bosses?

DT: yeah, good point
DT: I think it was kind of just making the point that the SL community is big and growing and made up of early adopters and real influencers
DT: and that we had a chance to be one of the very first mainstream publications to open a space here

DT: I told them my vision was to have regular events in which reporters and reviewers could come and give talks about stories we were working on or products they were reviewing
DT: and do interviews with cultural leaders
DT: and, honestly, they went for it pretty quick"



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