Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BMW in Second Life Part 2: Achim Muellers

A follow up to this interview. Update: I reordered and edited this to make it more readable.

Linda Zimmer:
Montgomery Silverstar: do you see this is primarily an exercise in social networking or non-traditional market research or perhaps you have a different label?

Munich Express: well at this point in time it is wide open and we wouldn't want to pinpoint before we've investigated the different potential. social networking is obviously one, including possibilities of building up bmw communities and yet to be defined feedback mechanisms

Lukas Chadbourne: Does Bmw have a budget specially assigned to its SL initiative?

Munich Express: yes i'm happy to say that i do - otherwise it would be quite difficult for me

Soluna asked: There seems to be a large interest in BMW Branded merchandise here, will you have a line of BMW apparel and such for people to get official BMW merchandise in world?

Munich Express: we're looking in this area as well, but i still believe that reproducing something 1:1 that's in the rl is not good enough. the good thing about our company is that innovation is an important part of our brand identity - that motivates people to join projects like this one

Digitina Dunheved: How many people have visited this sim?

Munich Express: i can't give you an exact figure right now i'm afraid

You: To get back to an earlier question, Munich does BMW have a measure of success yet in SL? Is it mostly abou traffic or some other measures?

Munich Express: so far we have not found relaible ways to measure like we can let's say in advertisng with cpm's and what have you, reliable that is. we have therefore decided to work with qualitative goals. i'm not sure that those are the right english words though

Pyrrha Dell: how often is a BMW representative here?

Munich Express: more and more often. we started with 2 times a week. but find that through word-of-mouth people have noticed that we are here - so we are in-world more often

Pyrrha Dell: any plans for regular set hours to have staff here?

Munich Express: yes - and especially in this area - welcome/m&g - we're investigating the possibility to hire in-world"

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