Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dell's journey into Second Life

I have been hard on Dell recently but here's a little love. SL superstar Hiro Pendragon notices a few SL additions to Dell's real world offerings.

From the post:

"For instance, if you go to the homepage, you'll find that in the "Choose your country" picker, "Second Life" is one of the options. This takes you to a Second Life Dell homepage, at From there, Dell includes a welcome area that aids in the training of new users.

Today I received a link to a video, here. Dell has filmed their own "What is SL?" type short piece that describes the platform very well to people who have yet to dip their toes in Second Life.

This complete cycle indicates that to me that Dell, as a company, is very serious about treating SL as an extension of the flat-web, and not just some walled garden where people go and chat."

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