Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Web advice for local TV stations

Steve Safran at Lost Remote has a little advice for local TV stations trying to "harness the power" of the web.

From the post:

"Sites are getting built by the lowest bidder. They’re being run by the cheapest employees. They’re a mess and everyone knows it. Is there any wonder TV website sales are underperforming?

You didn’t start the TV station with nothing but promos for the TV station and shows about what your anchors are doing in the community. You can do better. Start from scratch.

Ask yourself: “If I were to start a local media company today, how would it look?

Change the model. Change the way you gather and spread information, change (don’t add to) the requirements of your staff, and stop throwing away 95% of the information you gather every day. Reinvention isn’t about “spending more money.” It’s about changing the workflow and building your business around what the customer wants."

From the comments: Chump "What do they want? its becoming obvious that one areas we all need to look into live and ondemand MOBILE video. We really need to wake up to this and start delivering."

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