Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Greystripe's AdWRAP

Greystripe annouces its AdWRAP as the first in-game mobile advertising platform.

From the press release:

"AdWRAP delivers a turnkey advertising network that blends the advantages of mobile marketing, viral promotion and advergaming. Greystripe employs patent-pending technology that provides a platform for advertisers to target opt-in consumers anywhere anytime. In return, mobile users get to download free games that are subsidized by non-obtrusive advertising within the gaming experience."

From the site:

"AdWRAP for Publishers web interface makes it a five-minute process to upload an application and then download an AdWRAPed version. In addition to delivering advertisements, AdWRAP provides publishers a way to target messages to their own users, gather custom survey information, and see reports on usage information such as time-of-day and duration distributions.

AdWRAP for Advertisers
is a hosted, enterprise-class mobile advertising management and serving solution. Reliable, scalable and backed by our dedicated customer support, AFA offers ad targeting, real-time reporting, and campaign management. AFA is one of the most sophisticated mobile ad serving platforms on the market today."

From MocoNews:

"This seems like a good idea — distributors get more content on their sites and, more importantly, probably attract more customers by offering free stuff.

Games developers get another revenue stream independent of sales (although Greystripe is keeping mum on the exact breakdown).

Advertisers have a way of targeting active users of mobile content with a pointer to an application which could be hidden way down in the carriers’ decks.

There are some technology issues with identifying handsets and carriers, but I assume that’s what Greystripe takes care of. They seem to have all the pieces in place, so I don’t think it even needs critical mass to get going…"

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