Friday, May 05, 2006

Scobleizer Looks at Microsoft's Massive Purchase

UberMSFT Blogger Scobleizer takes a look at the purchase of Massive, the in-game ad network.

From the post:

"Well, it's official. Microsoft is now in the new world of contextual advertising. It's just like the old world of advertising (Microsoft sells billions of dollars of advertising every year, even before today) but it's more efficient.

So, why does Microsoft care so much about the world that Google is the leader in? Well, cause the advertising industry is a lot bigger than the software industry. Translation: the MBA's here see a lot more growth potential in advertising-backed software than they do in software that you go to Fry's and buy.

The next three years will define Microsoft as a company. It'll be interesting to see how our innovation engine roars to life. We've been making some great acquisitions and hiring some great people. And I hear a major engine tuneup is underway thanks to other things that I can't talk about yet."

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