Monday, October 02, 2006

Rocketboom Ads: 80k per Week

Frank Barnako reports that Rocketboom has set its price for ads on the blog.

From the post:

"Addressing the Saturday session of the Podcast Expo in Ontario, Calif., Baron said he's just done a deal worth $80,000 for a week of commercials in his videoblog. Claiming a daily audience of some 300,000 people, Baron could be getting more than a $55 CPM for his ads.

Baron also raised the possibility of a paid-version of Rocketboom. Congdon hinted at it last May. Subscribers paying $3.50 a month might have access to outtakes of Rocketboom episodes, lengthier segments and additional shows. "Imagine if I could get 10,000 people, a tiny fraction of our audience. That would mean $35,000 a month.

Such a small audience can generate big dollars for Rocketboom. Baron said big media like the Walt Disney Co. (DIS) will recognize the possibilities. "Soon, Disney is going to feel confident with an audience of 10,000, hard core, dedicated fans focused on specific content." And advertisers, he predicted, "will drool over such an audience because it will be so targeted."


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