Friday, September 29, 2006

Podshow Raises Another Round

Via PaidContent, Podshow has raised another round.

From the post:

"Adam Curry and Ron Bloom’s PodShow has raised a big round for what is essentially is still an unproven company by any stretch of imagination: it has received $15 million in its second round of funding. This follows up on an $8.85 million first round last summer, from Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital, Ram Shiram and Jerry Newman. All four are back this time around, but an undisclosed lead came aboard at a major pre-money valuation step-up, reports PEWnews."

I see Ron has been making up laws again:

Fart’s Law: The possibility that any new innovation will succeed increases exponentially over the number of old farts who refuse to endorse it.
- Ron Bloom

5/50 Prediction - Within 5 years over 50% of all media consumed will be created by other consumers.
- Ron Bloom


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