Thursday, September 28, 2006

comScore Online Video Numbers

From comScore:

"More than 106.5 million people, or about 3 out of every 5 U.S. Internet users, streamed or downloaded video during the month of July. In total, nearly 7.2 billion videos were streamed or downloaded by U.S. Internet users for an average of 67 streams per streamer, which means the typical video streamer viewed an average of more than two streams per day.

“The surge in Web video content enables advertisers to expand beyond banners and reach online audiences using sight, sound and motion,” said Erin Hunter, executive vice president of comScore’s Media and Entertainment Group. “Fundamental to the effectiveness of online video as an advertising medium is an accurate measurement of streaming video – and comScore is delighted to be the first company to provide that capability to the marketplace.”

The typical U.S. streamer on MySpace initiated an average of 39 streams during the course of the month, or slightly more than one per day. Yahoo! Sites ranked second in total streams initiated by U.S. users with 812 million, followed by YouTube with 649 million."

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