Friday, September 29, 2006

Leo Burnett Opens Office in Second Life

Not to be out done, Leo Burnett opens an office in Second Life. It seems as though they are trying to take it a step farther.

From Brand Republic:

"Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide are launching a creative department in the virtual world Second Life.

Called Leo Ideas Hub, the department will bring together more than 1,600 creatives from the global network.

Devised by Leo Burnett London, the project will be a centre where creatives can interact with colleagues from around the world working on briefs, sharing ideas and showcasing their work.

However, the Ideas Hub could expand to offer commercial opportunities. The hub will be open to all players, including those from the client world.

Jim Thornton, the executive creative director at Burnett, said: "The major benefit to us is that it brings together a global creative community in a way that we can't do in the real world. We can flex the muscle and potential of what is a massive creative community.

"The hub is then free to grow and develop into whatever. I don't know what it's going to become. We will judge commercial opportunities on their merit when they appear."


"Chief Creative Officer Mark Tutssel said the shop's presence within the virtual world would break down geographical barriers to collaboration between his network's 2,400 creatives. "I don't want brands shackled by geography," Mr. Tutssel said. "It lets all of our creatives live in the same place."

Burnett bought 16 virtual acres, which are currently inhabited by little other than a tree growing the agency's signature apples and a coming-soon sign. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but the Second Life website lists 16-acre "islands" for $1,250, plus a monthly "maintenance fee" of $195."



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