Friday, September 29, 2006

Demand Media Raises $100m

That's quite a bit of money. What do they do?

Demand Media:

"We believe that this is the right time to build a different type of new media company," explains Richard Rosenblatt, Demand's chairman and CEO. "The additional capital will allow us to rapidly seize on unique market opportunities in a truly innovative way."

The Demand MediaTM proprietary media platform powers the company's highly-trafficked domains and unique content verticals. The Company leverages cutting edge, user-driven publishing, community and monetization tools in its quest to define the next generation of new media companies."

Leveraging cutting edge, user drive publiching to define the next generation of media companies! That sounds expensive!

"Demand Media's executive team has a vision for the future of new media and a proven track record for delivering on its vision," said Robin Murray, 3i partner. "We are excited to partner with such a dynamic organization that has taken the unique approach of combining domain services, brand-able domains and niche content web sites to form a new media company."

"As traditional media companies are trying to grasp the power of online communities and user-generated content, we see an opportunity for Demand Media to redefine this space," said Fred Harman, managing partner, Oak Investment Partners. "As a Demand Media partner since its inception, we believe this company has what it takes to make the most of the current market environment and we are looking forward to its continued success."

Still not sure... well they aquired Hillclimb Media.

Press Release:

"Demand Media, the next-generation web media company, today announced the acquisition of privately-held Hillclimb Media, which hosts sector-leading sites in travel, sports, and the outdoors, including and Today's announcement is the latest in a series of online media and technology acquisitions announced by Demand Media as it continues to expand its new media platform. Demand Media's platform supports over 8 million domains and a growing staple of niche content Web sites, including"

Ok, buying sites, right...

Press release:

"The newest web media company, Demand Media, Inc., announced from this year's Traffic Domain Conference & Expo its formation by purchasing eNom, eHow and a portfolio of highly trafficked domain names.

"This is a new formula, combining components of the domain industry to form a very compelling platform for the next generation of media companies," explained Rosenblatt. "Direct navigation traffic, combined with specific proprietary content and innovative marketing, will unlock an entirely new realm of Internet media. We look forward to working closely with the domain industry, as we build Demand Media into a global media enterprise."

Um...yeah. All of the sites look like they could have been built with Ning. What kind of burning questions is ehow, that cutting edge, user-driven publishing, community and monetization site, answering today?

How to kiss on a date: "Tips & Warnings - Keep the kissing simple for now. Use a soft touch that will calm your date, especially if this kiss is the first one."

Good job guys - clearly a ton of room for shareholder value to increase.



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